Valhalla V2 Mini RDA By Vaperz Cloud

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Valhalla V2 Mini RDA By Vaperz Cloud


A fan favourite just got smaller, the original Valhalla v2 had a loyal fan base which exclusively used the RDA due to its massive build space, supreme flavour, and double diffused airflow.

From a company perspective, following up on something that is held in such high regards is a daunting task; with naysayers thinking it cant be done to your supporters that can not wait to see it beaten. After months of trial and error, learning from their previous successes and failures, we are pleased to bring a true successor worthy to take the spot on top of your newest Hammer of God. Vaperz Cloud pride themselves on the reputation for offering cloud chasing enthusiasts products that give them the vape experience they desire. We bring you the Valhalla v2 RDA!



  • 30mm Outer Diameter
  • Top-to-Bottom Airflow Design
  • Four 3.5mmX3.5mm Post Holes
  • Inner ULTEM AFC Chamber
  • ULTEM Chamber Reducer
  • Spares baggie

  • Contents


  • 1x 30mm Valhalla V2 Mini RDA
  • Bag of spares
  • 1x Ultem Chamber Reducer
  • 1x Inner Ultem AFC Chamber


    Customer Reviews

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    Ben Andrews

    Absolutely amazing rda, Vaperz Cloud never disappoint when it comes to there products. The Vahalla range is widely known for the phoneminal flavour & cloud production they produce, Build quality is next level. This won't be the 1st Vahalla I'll be owning after trying this new mini version out. Do I recommend this 🤔 100% yes..