Pandora MTL RTA By Yachtvape

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Pandora MTL RTA By Yachtvape


The Pandora RTA features an innovative airflow design with five rotatable internal inlets with even more fine-tuning from the airflow ring, this is the perfect RTA for any mouth to lung or lite direct to lung user. 

The build deck comprises of a two-post system making coil installation a simple and efficient process. The Pandora MTL RTA also features a top-fill system via the removable conical screw cap that reveals two kidney holes which will ensure pressure release and limit the risk of excess pressure build-up causing leaking. 

The internal Airflow control has 5 settings going from 1mm to 1.8mm, the external airflow control has a more traditional approach that features five holes in the base ranging from 1mm to 1.8mm with a slit or a single whole to further restrict the airflow.

The Pandora RTA also features a bell-chamber that is super low profile allowing for a more flavourful vape experience.