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You have to understand something about this brand. The brand always has used technology to enhance the users vaping experience. Dotmod dotAIO has an easy, 2.7 ml, removable tank which further helps you to change your coil in a very easy manner.

The tank removal is also easy because of the spring that is located beneath the tank. There are four modes available on the coil, Very soft, soft, medium and strong. These options bless you with a new vaping experience.

This brand also provides the consumers with the dry burn protection program which automatically cuts current when the vape juice level is low. This further enables the extension of the coil’s life. Dotmod dotAIO supports a battery pack which provides a power of 18650.

This specifically means that the battery is designed to last for very long periods of time. Dotmod dotAIO vape mods are extremely customisable. For the normal vaping you can use the 0.3 ohm coils, while on the other hand 1.6 ohm coils are used for mouth to lung vaping this is used for vaping in higher levels of Nicotine.

You can use different coils for these vape mods too, such as the ever great Aspire Nautilus Coils. If you guys prefer mouth to lung vaping experience use any 510 drip tip, guess what? That is compatible too. So what you can gather with all of this information is that Dotmod dotAIO is one of the king brands in the vaping world.



  • One dotAIO
  • One 0.3 ohm Coil
  • One 1.6 ohm Coil
  • Two Drip tips in various varieties
  • Six  O-rings
  • One Type-C Charging Cable
  • One Certificate of authenticity
  • One 2.7 ml e-juice tank
  • One airflow control base
  • One chimney adapter for Aspire Nautilus coils
  • One tank plug
  • One silicone bumper replacement